Under/Valued Energetic Economy

Under/Valued Energetic Economy

Under/Valued Energetic Economy (a term inspired by Alexis Pauline Gumbs) is an installation and work in progress which maps out the tangled ecology between “activism”, “arts” and “academia”. Presented on a trestle table top with objects and artifacts that references their interest in kitchen-table conversations and the knowledges that are produced by them, the work highlights informal strategies of organising, creativity and collectivity as valuable. It also explores alternative archiving of his/her/their stories. This work has been shared at Wysing Arts Centre ‘More of an Avalanche’, Jupiter Woods 2018, Mimosa House Gallery ‘Do you Keep Thinking there must be something more’, La Ferme Du Buisson ‘Take Care’ as well as The Unexpected Beautiful Phrase Nottingham Contemporary 2019 and ICA ‘Education in times of Crisis.




Take Care La Ferme Du Buisson
Do you keep thinking there must be another way at Mimosa House
Still I Rise, Arnolfini
More Of An Avalanche, Wysing
Take Care, La Ferme Du Buisson
Installation, Jupiter Woods