Sept- Dec 2020            La Clinique Du Queer, Maison Populaire, France

Sept- Nov 2020           Recipes For Resistance Ort gallery, Birmingham

Oct – Dec 2019           Banner Repeater, Hackney, London

Sept -Dec  2019          Still I Rise, Gender, Resistance Feminisms, Arnolfini, Bristol

Apr – Jun  2019          Artist Film International 2019, Whitechapel Gallery, London

Mar- July 2019          Take Care, La Ferme Du Buisson, Paris, France

Feb-Apr 2019      Do You keep Thinking There Must Be Another Way,  Mimosa House Gallery, London

Nov 2018             RENU: They Dance In the Dark tour, London and Brighton

Jul  2018              Under/Valued Energetic Economy, Jupiter Woods, London

May 2018           Guest Projects 10th Anniversary, London

Mar 2018           Theres something in the conversation that’s more       interesting than the finality of a title, Holding Space, The Showroom,  London

 Feb 2018           Under/Valued Energetic Economy, More Of An Avalanche, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

  —   2018           A pyramid Revealed By A Sandstorm, Transitional States, UK, Italy and Spain

Nov 2017            Power Structures and Hidden Borders, Palazzo Mora Venice

Sept 2017            yeah but can we listen tho?, Take Care, Blackwood Gallery,Toronto

Jan 2017             Testo-Technogender, The White Pube presents Zayn Malik Zindabad at ICA

Nov 2016            Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival: Symposium: Gender and the moving image, Performance,

Nov 2016            Decolonising Arts and Visual Culture, Berlin

Oct 2016             Krisis, Something Human, Nottingham

Sept 2016            Scarred, Shifting and Sacred Sites, Autograph

Aug 2016            Dirty Politics Filthy Mouth, Framer Framed, Amsterdam

Jun 2016             There May Not Be A Materiality of Sex That Is Not Burdened By The Sex of Materiality,

                               Moving Performances, Oxford

May 2016            Fem/me Lovers and Haters and Heartbreak at I would’ve Done Everything For You

                             / Gimme More! London


                               with Jesse Darling at Block Universe, London

Mar 2016            Queer Capital at HYSTERIA! at Autograph ABP

Feb 2016             Salon Outre, William Morris Gallery  

Dec 2015             Ruptures – Between the City and The Art World, London,

Nov 2015            Trans/forms, Bristol

Nov 2015            GFest Asian Futures: Menier Gallery  

Oct 2015             ALL Art Language Location Cambridge

April 2015          ‘In the Seam’ Link Gallery, Manchester, with Raisa Kabir

Apr 2015             Art[]Gender[]Art gender Week Nobody Passes, Norway

Nov 2014            Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) – London, Contemporary Rites

Oct 2014             CCLAP (Cross Cultural Live Art Project) – London

Sept 2014           Guest Projects – London, with Raisa Kabir.

Aug 2014            nGbK – Berlin, What is Queer Today Is Not Queer Tomorrow’





Jul 2019                Collective Creativity Study programme, ICA

Jun 2019              Keynote Performing Borders, LADA, London

Jun 2019              Presentation Stuart hall Library John Islip St, London

Sept 2017            Processes of Identification: The Place is Here, South London Gallery

Jul 2017               Collective Manifestos: Tate Modern

Jun 2017              Intersectionality In Practice: Decolonising Practice

                               with Sonia Boyce and Saad Qureshi

Jun 2017              I/mages of Tomorrow: key note Transfeminist Futures

Jan 2017              ‘Sediments and Arrhythmias: race, sense and sensation

                              ‘Body & the Un/Archive, London UCL

Nov 2016             Decolonising Arts and Visual Culture, Berlin

Nov 2016             Returning the Gaze 2, Innsbruck Austria

Mar 2016             Beyond Gender – Identity of fashion, UCL London

Dec 2015             Now you can go, In or Out?: On Leaving the Art World, Showrooms, London

Oct 2015              Vernetzt-Euch! Conference Berlin

Jun 2015             London Critical Conference Radical Transfeminism Stream UCL London,

Jun 2015             Knowledges – Constructions of Knowledges:Frankfurt

‘Decolonising Art and Visual Culture –  a queer of colour critique’

Mar 2015             GLITCH Film Festival – Glasgow Scotland, panel discussion: ‘Surviving and

                              Thriving’ as QTIPOC artists with Collective Creativity.

Feb 2015             Cloth, Clothes and Culture Iniva London with Raisa Kabir

11 Feb 2015       Transfeminisms Panel – Goldsmiths University London

Feb 2015             NEWGenNow – Binary Static – SPACE at the White Building, London

                             Cyberfeminism: Intersectionality in the digital age.

Jan 2015             Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg – Institute of Art and Visual Culture,


                             INTER/MEDIALLY International Symposium: Queering and decolonizing art and

                              Visual culture, with Sandrine Micossé-Aikins and Rena Onat

Nov 2014             Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) – London, Artists Roundtable

Aug 2014             nGbK – Berlin: (E)merging Identity and Creative Practice, with Evan Ifekoya

Jun 2014              Between Urgency and Abstraction Conference (Goldsmiths University) London,

with Collective Creativity




Jul/Aug 2019       Banner Repeater Residency, London

Jun – Sept 2018   White House Residency, Barking and Dagenham

Mar 2016-2017   Holding Space, Showrooms

May 2017             Shona Residency Scotland

Mar-May 2017    Wysing Spring Residency

Jun 2016              Study week with Jesse Darling, Wysing

Sept 2015            Bringing In the Directions Residency Manchester

Aug 2015             DIY Spaces Of Radical Agency Residency

July 2015             Visual Activisms Residency Berlin

Sept 2014            Guest Projects – London, QTIPOC Arts Group Residency




May 2019             Study session for The Unexpected Beautiful Phrase, Nottingham Contemporary

Nov 2017             Youth Forum: Serpentine Gallery

Nov 2017             Can Graphic Design Save Your Life, Wellcome Trust

April 2017            Macho Late Wellcome Trust

Jan-Mar 2017     Tate Families 8-14 Performing Bodies Workshop

Nov 2016             Decolonising Arts and Visual Culture, workshop, Berlin

Jun 2016              Disordered and Reconsidered, Site, Body & the Un/Archive, 198 Contemporary Arts, London

Apr 2015              Politics of the Art School at Nottingham Contemporary, with Collective Creativity

Aug 2014:            nGbK – Berlin. What is Queer Today Is Not Queer Tomorrow’,

                               (e)merging Identities Workshop with Evan Ifekoya

Nov 2014             Kara Walker Exhibition and Make and Do sessions: Camden Arts Centre,

May 2010            Young History Workshop with University College London – London,

2007-2008           Body Image and Identity Photography Workshops as Self Empowerment

                              for Non-Conforming Bodies: Ladyfest – Berlin, Get Bent Manchester, Transfabulous London



2019                     The Place is Here, UK

2019                     Body Politić, UK

2018                     Peverse Assemblages, Ger

2017                     Decolonising The City, Berlin

2017                     Selfie Citizenship, UK

2016                    Decolonising Sexualities Network Publication, UK

2015                    Fix My Head Issue 8 Conflict, Family, Ritual, Zine

2015                    Moving Truth(s) Anthology – Queer and Transgender Desi Writings on Famil, USA

2014                    Trans Bodies Trans Selves, USA 

2013                     Persistence: A Butch and Femme Anthology, Canada

2012                     Chroma – A Queer Literary Magazine: Utopia and The Body Issue, UK





2017 -2019          Chelsea School of Arts: BA Fine Arts

2019 Spring        Slade school of Art: Undergraduate Media

2018                      Performance : Design Practice Central Saint Martins UAL

2017-2018           Teaching Within: Shades of Noir at UAL

2017-2018           Tate Schools Programme resident artist

2017-2018           Another Road Maps Project: Transnational arts pedagogy

2017                     Tate Families: 8-14

2017/18                Institute of Anything: Cubitt





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