Eat While You Feed: Raju Rage

Eat While You Feed: Raju Rage

Featuring ‘Never Send A Plate Back Empty’ (audio) and ‘Eat While You Feed?’ (video)

Never Send a Plate Back Empty, 2020

An interview with Khala Aunty, a Panjabi woman and renowned cook who migrated from Bengal to Pakistan after her marriage. She speaks about her life long passion of cooking from the age of 12, Bengali and Pakistani recipes, life back in the day, discussing traditional and modern techniques and methods, customs and culture and the mystery of her missing unpublished recipe book! (in dialogue with Fahro Aunty)

Khala Aunty and Fahro Aunty 2020

Eat While You Feed? 2020

An autoethnographic documentary of the Shah family in Cambridge UK that explores health and wellbeing, care, time, labour, lineage, tradition and archetypes, gender and cross generational and cultural exchange and unconventional family recipes.