Tate Families 8-14 Workshops

Tate Families 8-14 Workshops

As part of the Performing Bodies’ workshops at Tate Modern Jan – Mar 2017

Objects/materials influence how we construct and express gender through our bodies. Creating sculptural pieces that can be worn and embodied/ performed and photographed in public in the gallery space as selfie interventions. Using printed and projected examples of artists who use sculpture and objects along with their body to manipulate, create, interrupt gender:

Leigh Bowery, Claude Cahun, Cindy Sherman, Cassils, Adrian Piper, Ana Mendieta, Yasumasa Morimura, Nao Busamante, Joseph Beuys, Kembra Pfahler, Carlos Martiel, Tai Shani, Aurora Reinhard, Catherine Opie, Oreet Ashery, Raju Rage plus more….



  1. Consider traditional gender roles. Write a list of five words that are typically associated with masculinity and five words that are typically associated with femininity. Using a pair of scissors, cut out each word separately.
  2. Select images of works from the resources given. Match the words to the images you think they describe best.
  3. How did the artist conform to traditional gender roles? How did the artist challenge conventional notions of masculinity and femininity?
  4. Advertising and consumer culture play a major role in creating and reinforcing gender stereotypes. Browse advertisements on the Internet or in magazines. Who is the target audience for these advertisements? Pick two ads—one that is targeted toward women and another that is targeted toward men.
  5. Think about your identity. Write down five words you think best describe yourself.
  6. Using your list of five words, construct an alter ego for yourself. Consider the following questions: What is this character’s name? Who are they? What do they/he/she like to do?
  7. your alter ego, create a sculpture to communicate your new character’s identity. Make a sculpture that is an extension of yourself and your body, that you can wear, using the materials given.
  8. *Perform. Your alter-ego in front of the camera (*optional)
  9. *Document. Your alterego in a selfie intervention with an art work in the gallery. (*optional) **
  10. Take your sculptures away and interact with them in your everyday life and see and document what happens