Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group

Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group

Audio recordings of Raju Rage and Raisa Kabir


 February Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group: Stuart Hall Library – February 2015



Our Clothes, Cloth and Culture Group meeting in February featured a collaboration between two young artists, Raisa Kabir and Raju Rage. They described how they use their art and textile practices to address gendered South Asian queer identity and the meanings of cotton cloth on the brown queer body. Raisa Kabir brought along examples of her woven textiles and Raju Rage dressed in a sari printed with archival photographs of Sikh migration.
The artists worked together on the project “There is More at Stake Than Just 3 Metres of Cloth” which represents the migrations of South Asians from North India/ Panjab to East Africa to Britain and the symbolism encoded within the turban. Sociologist Nirmal Puwar offered her thoughts and questions followed by comments from the intrigued audience.
 ‘Cloth on the Queer Brown Body’/Visible Space by  Raisa Kabir

performative Installation - There is more at stake...

Tracks/ Trains/Transitions by Raju Rage

Read more about the participants on the webpage and an audio recording of the event is available below.