Filthy Mouth Dirty Politics

Filthy Mouth Dirty Politics

Performative Presentation and conversation on the body, embodiment, gender, self-care, institutions and the unarchive.

For the second edition of the anti-conference conference, Maria Guggenbichler and Amal Alhaag invite artist and activists such as:Raju Rage, Jabu Arnell, DJ Haram and Felicia von Zweigbergk to contribute to the program at Framer Framed.


‘Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics’ experiments with transgressive speech acts, filthy, vulgar language, radical feminism and digital (non) spaces – uncompromisingly giving stage to the outspoken self-representation of minoritized identities. How can we speak #carefree and combine our shared critical dissatisfaction to arrive at a collective potentiality? In what ways can we move beyond the policed and gendered language that is imposed on people?


‘Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics’ questions and plays with the format of the conference within art and academia – and the limited languages, knowledges and experiences which can be exchanged within it. Staying true to its intention to “confer”, ‘Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics’ facilitates a joyful and non-hierarchal space in which every guest is a speaker and all opinions and experiences are valued; audience, guests and organizers are invited to come together and discuss, think, listen, dance and learn together.


Performance Images:

The conversations, seminars and workshops aim to shift and mess with the “conference”, and create a space to radically exchange, commit and share experiences and narratives around minoritized identities and the disobedient, dirty or vulgarly coded and futuristic languages to make space for non-dominant voices and narratives to speak and create for themselves.


Lipstick Interventions / Strategies of Resistance:

Visuals of the 2nd edition of Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics! On 19 August 2016 at Framer Framed. Thanks to Idi Amal Dada, Maria Guggenbichler. Photographs by Raju Rage and Pixolar Lara E. Tompa. Organized parallel to exhibition What We Have Overlooked.

Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics #2