Queer Capital

Queer Capital

‘cleanliness as bodily forgiveness – a desire to be forgiven for having a body’ – the emotional economy of cleanliness*:


Queer Capital:

I am currently exploring the body in becoming a subject and object through the impact of theory and how the body works to negotiate and/or resist this objectification. I’m interested in social and architectural structures that shape gender and race, such as toilets and I use intimate everyday objects in communicating these narratives (like you would find in a bathroom cabinet: toothpaste, lipstick, cleaning products). I have been working in toilets recently and specifically the concept of ‘gender neutral’ toilets, looking at the emotional economy of cleanliness and how that translates to gender (and race) as well as how gender and beauty constructs are produced and disemintated infront of a physical and metaphorical mirror. I have translated these site specific toilet interruptions into installations which I interact with in live performance.


Images by Emlyn Rojas

Video bu Sunander Mesquita

*Transgender Movement(s) and Beating the Straight  Flush: Building an Art of Trans Washrooms by Lucas Crawford in Transgender Migrations – The Bodies, Borders, and Politics of Transition by Trystan T. Cotten

Autograph ABP: A Night For HYSTERICAL Art Mar 2016