gendered/feminist notions of “rites"

gendered/feminist notions of “rites”

CCLAP  – (Cross Cultural Live Art Project) Oct 31st 2014 at the Proud Archivist Hackney London

The Dilemma of the Diaspora to Define presents ‘Performative Interruptions in Public Space’ a live art installation.

‘Placed in a world caught in endless transition between absence and presence, in/visibility and the dilemma of defining, join Raju Rage on a diasporic voyage towards the fragile contested borders of the un/known for a performative installation-assemblage cohered through sensation, invasian, narrativescapes and recursive folds.’

Raju Rage performed:

Sewing Installation – Proud Archivist Gallery
Performative Interruptions in Public Space at the Proud Archivist Restaurant and Bar
‘Pieces’ Spice Text Installation – Proud Archivist Entrance
Performative Live Art Intstallation – Using projection and cloth and migrational archive on the racialised and gendered ‘South Asian’ body to explore the fluidity of uncut vs the fixedness of cut cloth to comparitively represent  identity in the east vs the west expressing the conflict that a diasporan body contains.



Images and Video by Charlie Haddad